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  1. ---------------Detectar idiomaAfricânerAlbanêsAlemãoAmáricoÁrabeArmênioAzerbaijanoBascoBengaliBielorrussoBirmanêsBósnioBúlgaroCanarêsCatalãoCazaqueCebuanoChinês (simplificado)Chinês (tradicional)CingalêsCoreanoCórsicoCroataCurdoDinamarquêsEslovacoEslovenoEspanholEsperantoEstonianoFilipinoFinlandêsFrancêsFrísio ocidentalGaélico escocêsGalegoGalêsGeorgianoGregoGuzerateHaitianoHauçáHavaianoHebraicoHíndiHmongHolandêsHúngaroIboIídicheIndonésioInglêsIorubáIrlandêsIslandêsItalianoJaponêsJavanêsKhmerLaosianoLatimLetãoLituanoLuxemburguêsMacedônioMalaialaMalaioMalgaxeMaltêsMaoriMarataMongolNepaliNianjaNorueguêsPanjabiPashtoPersaPolonêsPortuguêsQuirguizRomenoRussoSamoanoSérvioShonaSindiSomaliSoto do sulSuaíliSuecoSundanêsTailandêsTajiqueTâmilTchecoTeluguTurcoUcranianoUrduUsbequeVietnamitaXosaZuluPortuguês Excuse me: Remembering that I bought a model of the cheapest PCE164P-N03 version, but I installed it on the Pci card of the secondary note. but the video card in all tests did not recognize in the notebook, and the same always called before the notebook, never connected after the power of the note, always before, also tested on the pci of the wi-fi card anyway so it was still possible to call before. Kind regards.
  2. Good evening dear friends of the Forum. I have some doubts and problems and accuracy of help. I have the following notebook HP Envy 17 - 17t-j100 With a following configuration Core i7 - 4700m 16gb ram hd grapics 4600 GT740M Nvidea I wanted to know how I do and what would be the best egpu model to use, if I need the softwear, the DIY eGPU 1.3 and if I can buy it for the mercado livre softwear. Thank you
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