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  1. If you have a Dell card, just install it in the HP, it should work directly. Then flash the Dell bios to unlock OC limits.
  2. Thanks, Klem. But I have decided not to pursue this any longer. I don't want to get tied down to one particular sBIOS, and neither do I want to bother you with every new HP release. 735/5000 from 600/2800 should be satisfactory, after all. Thanks for all your effort, though.
  3. Out of sheer curiosity, try the following. Start GPU-Z, make it log results ("Log to file"), set the polling time at 0.1sec, then run Furmark / Kombustor. While the latter shows indeed that the GPU throttles (735-182MHz and back in my case), GPU-Z records clean 735MHz all the way down. Go figure...
  4. It may be from the drivers. I did not have this problem before and after updating drivers it popped up - to my great surprise. No noises in my adapter (but I do not have an MSI machine), though they are not really uncommon (had this problem with Dell and Clevo adapters previously).
  5. I always installed the drivers afresh (with DDUinstaller) after the flash procedure. And the flash proceeds in the right fashion. As I said, when flashing the Dell bios the card's ID changed and now it is back to its former self. Aha...awful...! Thanks anyway, Klem, for the effort
  6. Oh, sorry, because I had tried svl7's modded Dell K4000M bios before. Same problem, same 135 limit. Now, indeed, I reverted to the ID of the original HP bios. Still no go, however...
  7. Strange, your temps and power are great. I have a 16f1 w/ 7970m and an overclocked 920xm and the 7970m works well at stock, with higher temps (90+*C max) and the original 150w power brick. Maybe the explanation is simpler: the card just cannot take the 1.1v.
  8. In what software specifically are the clocks fluctuating? Did you update the drivers? I am asking because I have the same problem with new nVidia drivers in Furmark. It works perfectly fine with other benchmarks I have tried, so I gather it must be new anti-"stressmark" options in newer nV drivers.
  9. Thanks for the effort, Klem. Unfortunately, it does not work. The BIOS flashes OK, new ID and everything, but only P8 and P5 can be unlocked. P0 remains limited at +135.
  10. I reflashed the K4000M with the Dell bios, same problem - cannot unlock the slider past +135MHz. I also discovered, however, that the P8 and P5 states can be unlocked. It's only the P0 that stays locked. In this normal?
  11. I doubt it's the power brick. Look at the clocks, maybe the card cannot maintain them consistently.
  12. I assume it's 3dmark11 in standard (performance) mode (i.e., P-score)... Just 8500? Das ist nicht zum lachen. Log your GPU temperatures and clocks with GPU-Z (or, better still, your CPU and GPU temps and clocks with HWInfo), run 3dmark, and then report back. Drivers should not be a problem but maintaining 1050 might be too much for the card if you load it too much without keeping it cool enough.
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