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  1. The Iconia CPU upgrade from the original Intel 1st-gen i5-460M to the 1st-gen i7-640M was successful, the laptop is running very well. It is a pain to take all the screws out and disconnect all the mini-connectors to access the chip properly (as posted in the pictoral in the string above). You do have to be careful. After carefully prying the top-part loose from the bottom, ...I might add that you should fold-out the Iconia "flat" (first) and then lift the top-part straight up (parallel) to remove. Inotherwords, do not lift it off at an angle (tilted), or you will probably break one (or both) of the plastic hinges. Because of heat issues with the iconia, I would also make sure you clean off all the old thermal grease, and apply fresh good-quality thermal grease, make sure the CPU is inserted in the socket as tight and secure as possible, press & rotate in a circular motion to make sure the CPU is seated well with the heat sink, and make sure the heat sink is tightened down securely. I have not explored the unlocked BIOS yet, that is the next adventure, ....will let you know how that turns out.
  2. ....so for all who are interested.....I was able to purchase a 1st gen. Intel i7-640M, the highest-level chip that may work to upgrade the Iconia 6120. I found out the Intel i7-920XM or i7-940XM (Extreme Mobile series) won't work because it does not have on-board graphics like the i7-640M does. I've downloaded the "unlocked" 1.07 BIOS, so I need to work with that first to see if any settings need to be tweaked for upgrades to the CPU, fixed memory, and SSD drive. I will let this site know (once I receive all parts in and attempt the upgrade) whether or not it was successful. I will also let you know if the 8G memory limitation can be breached.
  3. OK, I came into obtaining a fairly new (almost unused) Iconia 6120 from a friend of mine. Yes, I know it is a 1st generation i5 CPU and limited to 8G max memory, and I know there are no other spec. variations of this product/model from Acer other than what I just mentioned. However, I have searched various blogs for info on this subject. I am interested in upgrading this laptop, ...primarily its processing capabilities, such as the CPU and its memory. It would seem the easiest upgrade is replacing the hard drive with an SSD drive, which several vendors online seem to have compatible for this laptop. In my line of work (and play) as a live musician, as well as having some small but powerful recording/processing equipment & software (Presonus Studio One 3 Professional DAW, Presonus model 192 Audio Interface). The huge feature for myself would be the dual touch-screens with the bottom screen becoming a touchscreen mixer (controlling the bottom half of my DAW software). So far, I have only found that the "possibly-compatible" CPUs to potentially upgrade to (from the original 1st gen Intel Core Mobile i5) are the similiar 1st gen. Core Mobile i7-640M or the Core Mobile-Extreme 940XM. Has anyone on this blog thread actually successfully replaced the CPU in the Iconia 6120 with one of these CPUs with successful results, and does it require tweaking a setting in an "unlocked" bios? Please reply and let me (and everyone else here) know. More importantly, I would like to expand the memory from its maximum (8G) to 16G, which I believe will require an "unlocked" bios. Again I ask, has anyone on this blog thread actually successfully been able to upgrade their memory in this laptop (say, ...to 16G) with successful results by using/tweaking the "unlocked BIOS" presented at the top of this blog thread? Again, I humbly ask....please reply and let me (and everyone else here) know. Thanks again in advance. Cybersax
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