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  1. Looking forward to this as well, 571G here, willing to test the mod if anyone cares to share.
  2. Apparently there's not much we can do: seems like this model is very locked down. You can still acquire a small OC via NvidiaInspector but that's it. However memory is free to OC as much as we want, but I found that beyond 1200 Mhz the performance actually drops and you get artifacts, or at least in BF3 and CS:GO I know I do. That's not as bad as it sounds tho, you can still get 10 more fps avg out of BF3 compared to stock with this OC, and with the higher memory clock I guess you'll be able to improve AA and AF on most games without too much pain.
  3. I tried to run nvidiainspector follwed by -h flag as you said but an error message popped up saying that command isn't valid. I guess I'm stuck with P8/P0 states... I also tried to OC via .bat scripts but I still can't push it further. As to flashing 1/2.x BIOS, I just read in the BIOS mod thread that a guy tried that but wthout success. I guess I'll have to deal with it. Funny tho because I had a few laptops in the past which allowed higher OC without any mod, I guess I'm out of luck on this one, hehe. However BF3 still runs quite decent on high with the memory clocked @1200 Mhz, not too bad after all.
  4. Yes, apparently I can't even set a higher clock: Nvidia Inspector only shows a maximum OC of 135 Mhz for core and 900 Mhz for memory. Unlock max and min buttons are greyed out. I may try to flash an older BIOS, but how risky is that? I wouldn't like to brick this thing
  5. Thanks anyway man, at least we tried. Too bad...I picked this Acer laptop mostly for the BIOS mod you made. Too bad the first one I got was faulty, so they had to replace it with the newer Win8 version, because apparently mine was the last unit they had. At first I thought I was lucky, but right now thinking again...maybe not much so.It's a shame that we can't overclock past 135 Mhz, which is worthless anyway because the boost frequency stays locked @844 Mhz. Sure we're left free to OC the memory all we want but with DDR3 memory you don't get far that way. Is there any possible exploit to use in order to get a higher OC, besides unlicking the BIOS? This card is so wasted locked down at such a low speed
  6. I don't know, how do I check that?
  7. It gives the same ouput as before and displays the same error. How "bad" is that?
  8. Ok, apparently I managed to download the tool. When I run the command it lists 2 device IDs with their respective sizes, but then in the line below it says Error 104: The 2 SPI flash devices do not have compatible command sets. What does this mean? Forgive my noobieness but I'm actually totally new to this...thanks for your time.
  9. I'd be gald to help but the forum doesn't let me open the link. May you PM it to me? Maybe I don't have the required privileges yet...
  10. Let me jump on the bandwagon. I've got the same PC and no modding skills whatsoever, therefore I strongly support this thread
  11. I was wondering...should I post the BIOS for the .016 version of this notebook? I mean the one with 6 gigs of RAM, Win8 and the 3630qm processor. Apparently it's just a slightly refreshed model, it shouldn't be hard to port this mod, but personally I don't know how to do it. Edit: Ok so apparently there's no chance of overclocking this specific model because the BIOS chip isn't accessible. However it seems like memory can be overclocked quite a bit. Right now I'm trying to get the best performance out of BF3, and apparently overclocking the memory does help quite a bit. However I still have to find out how far I can push it. Has anybody tried this already? I'm just looking for the sweet spot to stick with before it starts artifacting, any hints?
  12. Thanks for the tip. I've been using Nvidia Inspector lately on my other PCs. I like it because it's very light (it doesn't even need to be installed) but apparently the overclock doesn't stick after reboot on this notebook. I guess I'll give MSI a try and see if it works better.
  13. That's too bad. I really hope that somebody makes this mod, it would be great. What tools do you guys use for OC purposes on this laptop, btw? Maybe I can crank it up a little even without BIOS mod...
  14. Are you on the newer version on this laptop? I mean the one with W8 Home Edition, 6 gigs of RAM and the i7 3630qm? I'm on this one too and I was wondering wether this mod will work on my laptop. The more powerrful cpu and the extra RAM should make this guy an even more powerful gaming machine

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