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  1. found a clevo 980m, that able to be put in an m18xr2?
  2. any advance on this? unsure whether to go ahead and get an MSI gtx980m, anyone fitted one of these to an M18X R2?
  3. Thats good news, am I still looking at not getting a card unless it has come out of a dell machine? As ebay has 2 MSI 980m's that have been in msi laptops. Just worried about buying them and realising later that they dont work in an Alienware m18x r2
  4. Also does it matter if the 980m has g-sync or not. Is there a preference here?
  5. So am I to understand that if you have the M18X R2 I'm literally after the same upgrade this guy is. have the same setup too but on Win 7 64bit. Just my BIOS is A12. Do I still need to move to the A11 unlocked BIO you talk about or does the A12 facilitate the 980m. Second question, do I need to buy a 980m with dell vBIOS or would one thats come out of an MSI machine work?
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