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  1. Polip

    MSI GTX 870m 3GB

    At end of my misery I've changed PSU and everything started to work properly.
  2. Polip

    MSI GTX 870m 3GB

    Klem thank Your for Your job. I flashed VBIOS and unfortunatelly nothing better happened (Witcher 3 and Rage tested). Right now I think that maybe PSU for my laptop has less than 180 W output. Why is that: 1. screen flickers during games and then 2. information about power charger changes to: only battery. After few seconds there is information that PSU is connected and I gain FPS boost. Other clue is when I started game only on PSU (I removed battery) then laptop turns out. I bought new PSU with 180W output (9,5V and 19A) and it should help. I'll update when after new PSU test.
  3. Polip

    MSI GTX 870m 3GB

    Thank You for Your very quick support. Unfortunately for me I am still Pre-Promoted user and I cannot try fruits of Your work. So I have small question, can I flash my GTX 870 using VBIOS from link under
  4. Helo Everyone! Happy user of MS-16F4 with GTX870 3 GB, I7-4910qm, ssd and 16GB of RAM. What I'm looking for is: 1. solving problem with throttling of GTX 870, 2. customization of video card (980 or 1060).
  5. Polip

    MSI 16f2 with GTX970m?

    Is your offer still current?
  6. Polip

    MSI 1761 keeps rebooting. Failing GPU?

    Possible problem with not enought energy from PSU or battery during high needs of performance
  7. Polip

    GTX 1060 in GT70 and GT72

    Hello! I think about little change in my MS-16F4 (PSU 180 Watt, Haswell 4910 qm), from GTX870 3GB to: GTX980 or GTX1060, which should be better? In my opinion 1060. What do You think?
  8. Polip

    MSI GTX 870m 3GB

    Thank You very much for quick answer. The main problem of my Graphic cards is fps throttling and sometimes low fps (Witcher 3 medium settings in FHD are about 25 FPS in Kaer Morchen, Wolfenstein New Order in FHD High detail lower than 40 FPS, Rage FHD High detail-lower than 30 FPS). It's getting on my nerwes. Once again thanks. GK104.rom
  9. Hello I'm lookig for 870m performance vBIOS, any possibilities for help ?

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