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  1. I have a MSI GT72 2QD (Haswell) and I tried a HP power supply with the same specifications as the original (230W?). Same result. After I flashed the newest EC firmware and vBios from MSI I was able to play for 45 minutes instead of 5. After that my notebooks shuts down again. No bluescreen or something else, just goes off. Temperature should be no problem. I changed to liquid metal after I faced the problem and it reached not more than 65°. No dust or anything. I also unplugged the battery and tried it only with the power supply. I think its my vRam which is fucked up whyever. My last hope is a modded vBios maybe 2 variants I could try. Greetz
  2. Hey. I need a unlocked vBios for my MSI GTX 970M 6GB Im not sure the vBios from clevo fits (svl7 6GB Version Mod). My notebook turns off after 5 minutes gaming with stock vBios. Any suggestions? Maybe a modded ROM could fix it or maybe you got any idea. Thx MSI.GTX970M.6144.140904.rom
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