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  1. Hi everybody, has anyone some experience with the Win CE software ? Whats about the compability to software of other Win OS, does installing Apps work like on the Win 6.5 Embedded systems with .cab files ? And the most important thing is, whats about the driver support ? I think spb-clone will do the job for the backup aspects. The plan is to install some Surv CE software on a Leica GPS machine cause the Leica Viva software isnt very user friendly but i dont know if the hardware drivers are properly supported... I appreciate comments about experience or suggestions that deals with this platforms.
  2. Hi everybody, is it worth to buy win7 professional for the M11x to get the 32 GB RAM support ? And anyone knows if dell is supporting win7 professional image for the alienware line-up because you get some trouble with the license policy if you try to use a custom win7 home image ? Want to get some more RAM for 3D modelling, so overclocking the gpu would be a option but its quite risky.
  3. Hi everyone, which machine do you use for playing rocksmith 2014 for best sound and gaming performance ? For Rocksmith i am using a Alienware M11x I-5 with throttle stop and a cooling pad due to laggs when processors downclock caused of heat influence. If you play rocksmith on your machine please leave a comment below.
  4. Cool, awesome mod. I made a watercooled lowcost heatsink mod, the result was that the mod cooled down the cpu and gpu about 30-35% but i didnt had the time to optimize the system and play around with better cooling fluids and core-/fanvoltages cause in the longterm tests the temperature increased again. At the moment i use a standard fan and a cooling pad and temps are under 100% cpu-/gpu-core load around 70-78° C....
  5. Hi everyone, i would love to hear your experience about the heat progression of your M11x Netbook whatever revision you use. I own the R1 and the R3 since a few years and had with both revisions insane heat issues while gaming (day z for example) or 3D modelling especially with the R3, with temps about 90 degrees even after putting some new thermal paste on the cpu, cleaning the heatpipe, add some aluminium heatsinks and so on... If you have similar impressions please leave a comment.
  6. Hi everybody, i am new to this forum an want to give you a short introduction about my person. Im a geotechnics engineer from germany, so i stumbled across this forum while looking for a bios mod for my Alienware M11x R3 Netbook after upgrading the dissatisfying A05 bios for the M11x. So i own the the M11x R1 and the M11x R3 for several years, and was pleased with this nice pieces of hardware all over the years. In my leisure time i´d like to play around with the Arduino ATMega 2560 and a Raspberry Pi B+. Whats left to say is that i am enthusiastic in geophysic survey systems and use my loved M11x R3 for gaming of course and 3D Borehole- and Contammination modelling as well as for analytics of geophysical survey data. greets
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