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  1. hello there, owner of a M15x laptop bought in early 2010, I plan to upgrade the GPU to a GTX 970m ( still have the stock GTX 260m card). But before achieving the costly purchase, I got few questions that will undoubtedly get some answers here for sure: I only see 970m Clevo card on ebay or marketplaces : will the X bracket and screws from my stocked 260m card fit for a GTX 970m Clevo card ? It seems that flashing the Vbios of 970m Clevo card is not necessary, cause it should work with the stock clevo vbios; only modding the inf file is required : can someone confirm that ? I got a 9 cells battery which is dead for years (and I don’t intend to get a new one) and a 240W PSU : As I have no need to recharge anything, is it recommended to pull the central pin of the PSU jack connector anyway ? what are the best settings for CPU (I7 920XM ordered and on the way) and GPU to avoid throttles, bottleneck effect or heat problem, and have the smoothest experience on AAA games ? thanks ahead for your good advice.
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