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  1. Hey guys. In a dilemma here. I recently just got a new rig and I need to get a new monitor for it. Need to figure out if I should get a 4k with a lower refresh rate or if I should stick to a 1440p screen with 100+ refresh rate? Should I pick IPS or TN? What monitors would you guys recommend? Thank you in advance BTW, my new rig has a 7700K with a 1080ti so I assume it is best for me to get a screen with gsync.
  2. Oh wow. I might do that instead of a 980m then. How about driver-wise? Would I need a custom vBIOS or driver to run that or is it plug in play as long as you have an unlocked BIOS?
  3. I have read somewhere on the forum that I would need an unlocked BIOS to install a 980M? Are there any other steps that I need to know about before purchasing that card?
  4. My 680m just died a few days ago. It showing artifacts on the screen and games would crash whenever I run them fullscreen. I figured that the next course of action would be to replace the GPU. And then I saw the prices... I am looking at the 980m upgrade kit and realized that they cost nearly the same as refurb/used laptops with the same, or better, GPUs. My question is: Would you guys recommend that I go for it and just replace the GPU, or should I just build my own desktop which I assume would be more reliable/future proof. My budget for the desktop is $2,000-$3000. Here are the specs on my R4 if it matters: - CPU: i7-3740QM @ 2.70Ghz - MEM: 32GB DD3 RAM - STORAGE: 256GB Samsung SSD and a 1TB WD HDD - DISPLAY: 60hz 1080p LCD - GPU: 2GB GTX 680M (soon to be replaced...maybe) - BIOS: A11 I would really appreciate the input
  5. Would it be possible to install one of these on an M17X R4 with an unlocked BIOS?
  6. You can install a 1060 on an R4??
  7. What is the latest unlocked BIOS available for the R4? I've only seen the A11s.
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