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  1. My (K)Ubuntu system detects the GPUs on my Y510p just fine, yet I haven't found a way to switch between the two dedicated GPUs (built-in and egpu). I have therefore disabled the built-in NVIDIA card (755m) in the BIOS, which allows me to activate the egpu (AMD Vega56) for specific applications by using the command DRI_PRIME=1.
  2. This does not entirely answer your question, yet on my Ubuntu system (Kubuntu 19.04, Vega 56 graphics card, external monitor, Mesa video drivers) Gerald's card (the revised version which allows AMD GPUs to be used without replacing the BIOS) works perfectly. I had less luck with Manjaro, which caused the system to slow down if only the external monitor was used.
  3. I am considering installing the unlocked Bios in order to disable hyperthreading. Does anyone know if the unlocked Bios would, indeed, allow me to do so? Currently I've set a Linux kernel option to disable hyperthreading, but apparently using the Bios to do this gives slightly better performance.
  4. Ah, I see. I wasn't aware they'd completely disabled the iGPU on the Y500. @Swung Huang - wouldn't using OCulink create overhead and thus reduce the maximum performance of the GPU?
  5. Surely this is not so bad? Or is there an application which you need the 650M - rather than the 1080 or Intel graphics - for?
  6. * I am not sure how easy it is to drive the internal monitor using an egpu solution like the one you describe. You can do so using Geralt's adapter in Linux, and there is speculation about using High_Voltage's modded BIOS to more generally enable support for the internal monitor in this thread: I have not tried this modded BIOS myself, though, and haven't used Windows in a while. * Using an SSD will likely improve loading times, yet it should not improve your FPS in any way. * The i7 CPU holds up well in my machine, but I have no experience using an i5. * If you have the budget, get two RAM modules of the exact same size and type as this may help with performance.
  7. To free up the slot which Gerald's adapter plugs into you would, indeed, need to remove the DVD drive, should you have one in your Y510p. In addition to the adapter itself, you will also need a PSU able to provide your graphics card with sufficient power and, of course, the graphics card itself.
  8. Yes, that does look beautiful! I certainly do not have the tools to make such a thing myself, but perhaps I could find someone who could make one for me.
  9. Contact the OP. He may still have one available.
  10. I am using an empty HP ink cartridge to prop up my Vega 56, which works really well.
  11. Yours is almost certainly version 2. Three versions of the Y510P Graphics Adapter exist: * Version 1: this is the experimental version which Gerald originally posted about. * Version 2: this is the version that Gerald sold in 2016 and part of 2017. It requires BIOS version 2.07 and Windows 10 to function. Earlier BIOS versions may also work. * Version 3: this is the current version. Thanks to a discovery first posted to the forums by user David 'Soap' Washington, it should work with any BIOS version, as long as one uses an AMD graphics card rather than an NVIDIA one. It may also work Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, in addition to Windows 10. To use an NVIDIA card you of course need the BIOS mod discussed in this thread.
  12. I see that you've been promoted, so you should now be able to download files.
  13. Sorry to hear about your GTX 780! I like the Radeon software, especially since it doesn't require you to sign up to NVIDIA's telemetry programme.
  14. Yes, that happened to me too, once it got to 60% or so. When I rebooted Windows marked the battery as fully charged, by the way. A quirk of the OS, it appears.
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