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  1. ♛eQual!zє87♛

    [Bios Mod] M18xR2 - Legacy Support now Available

    The Bios from Swick is awesome and works well but i have a problem. I am using the Prema v1 Bios mod on my GTX980m SLI. But to install newer drivers i need the Prema v2 or v3 Bios mod. Can anyone provide me the Bios please? regards eQualie87
  2. ♛eQual!zє87♛

    M18X R2 GTX 980m and Windows 10

    Is ure Laptop free of dust? I am using "Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut" as thermal compound. What are you using? eQualize87
  3. ♛eQual!zє87♛

    [M18x R2] - 'unlocked' BIOS versions

    Hi Klem, thank u for the link. I can't download it because i have no authorization for it. I had an account here on this platform since 2013 but i can't login....i didnt know the reason. So i created a new Account. eQualize87
  4. ♛eQual!zє87♛

    GTX 980M which heatsink?

    Do u guys know, where i can get a new Heatsink? I want to try some modding with that... eQualize87
  5. ♛eQual!zє87♛

    M18X R2 GTX 980m and Windows 10

    GTX980m SLI works great here. Windows 10 Pro x64. Temps are 1.GPU~74°C / 2.GPU~76 °C. eQualize87
  6. ♛eQual!zє87♛

    m18x - Teardown Guide (Quick and Dirty Edition)

    I love this guy. Thank u for sharing ure knowledge! eQualize87
  7. ♛eQual!zє87♛

    [Tutorial] Dual 330W AC Adapter Mod

    Thanks Mr. Fox. I like ure work. And thank u for sharing! eQualize87

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