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  1. Well, I spoke with the author and he told me that yes, the eGPU can overide the DSDT but you have to create it. It seems Iam back where I was
  2. Very stupid question, where to get it? Edit: Ok, found it :), but its capable to solve also my problem?
  3. Hi everyone!i spent lots of time by trying to solve an issue with a new GPU inside XPS A2010 (9600m GT 512DDR3) and i guess iam almost at the end The A2010 has an MXM II slot with an ATI HD2400 card inside and therefore its theoretical changeable but while plugging another GPU inside you got a black screen and so on... Anyway, i was chating with one guy who did some modding in the past and figure out that no MXM structure is inside the BIOS. Well, this means that the vBIOS of the ATI card was customized for the machine and no other vBIOS would work. He injected the MXM structure inside the BIOS and it was light . The screen went online with the BIOS with MXM structure but the fans (sys) are running full speed and if i install drivers for the card the screen goes black or distorted. Its not a driver issue, i tried at least 20x different drivers through 3x OS (XP, 7 and 10) but i noticed that the display is missing from the device manager after installing drivers or better, while the ATI card is plugged in, everything is working but when i plug the nVidia card the display is missing or wrongly detected with no EDID. Therefore the machine more likely refuse the new card due to missing mxm structure inside the DSDT table. Well sounds easy, its not I tried to figure this out but i have no idea what to inject, what to change and so on inside the DSDT table. Hence, anyone has some experience with DSDT edit? - bellow link to the DSDT table. Any suggestions, reference or help?xpsone.3d-sphere.com/Files/M-020006, with MXM structure 26.zip (AMI CORE8)xpsone.3d-sphere.com/Files/dsdt-ATI-24.zipTomas
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