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  1. Sorry I'm quoting an old message, but has anyone had this anomaly crop up again with their Clevo 680m 4GB? Did they/you go ahead regardless? My Clevo 680m is reporting a subsystem ID of 1028 02A2 to device manager and GPU-Z, despite the running bios on this card when using nvflash -version reporting the subsystem ID is 10DE-0964. So strange. Literally, nvflash will report to me that the subsystem ID does not match during a flash attempt, claiming that my current subsystem ID reports as: 10DE,11A0,1028,02A2 and that the svl7 bios is: 10DE,11A0,10DE,0964. Yet if I create a backup of my current and stock vbios via nvflash (the same vbios reporting as 10DE 11A0 - 1028 02A2 to GPU-Z and Windows), and then attempt to flash that, it'll prompt there is a subsystem ID mismatch and again that the bios I am currently running reports as: 10DE,11A0,1028,02A2 and the one I am attempting to flash reports as: 10DE,11A0,10DE,0964. Incredibly odd, and makes me reluctant to go ahead in fear of a brick. Just trying to see if anyone has seen this issue again recently. Where is the system getting that subsystem ID from, as it doesn't look like it's from the vbios itself. Alienware m15x (BIOS A09) Stickman89
  2. It's really quite simple to modify the inf for any given hardware ID. I'm suprised more people aren't fleunt with doing it by now in order to keep up-to-date with driver versions themselves.
  3. Could the power supply be the issue here?
  4. Why was it ever that people assume that 8GB was the max? I'm confuzzled. I've heard it murmered before.
  5. Will this work for the original 150W PSU if it is not being detected within BIOS. As I have one spare, and don't mind messing it up if it does not work.
  6. Successfully upgraded my GT 240m to a Clevo 680m 4GB, and wow, what a difference!! Super happy.
  7. I really tried to get into DOTA, but I just could not. I don't know what is wrong with me. Am I broken?
  8. I still have lots of love for cs source!!
  9. IT Crowd Mighty Boosh The Big Bang Theory
  10. Me and my partner watched Split recently, honestly I thought it was a really good film, however others have a difference in opinion.
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