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  1. codes

    Cheapest laptop for Qubes OS

    Well this is something that you really can't cheap out on. Quebes official hardware support list is here and as you probably guessed its limited. As you can see there are only about 5 laptops with 7th gen intel processors that qubes supports to some degree. However, you are really lucky that the XPS 15 9560 is on that list! I would definitely suggest going for it as my sister has one and it's really amazing. Also it is one of the only ones that supports 5/6 major feature with the 6th being officially untested. Since you are in the US wait for a sale while ebates is offering 10% cashback. You can snag the i7 1080p version with a gtx 1050 for about $1200. Just make sure to completely test your laptop as it has some quality control issues but returns are easy so I wouldn't worry too much. ps. The 1050 won't work on qubes so maybe you can get the i5 integrated graphics chip version for $900 with ebates + sale
  2. codes

    Cheap laptop for EXP GDC Beast?

    Look for something with a mini Pcie slot. That means almost all laptops with mini pcie wireless cards. Lots of budget laptops have the intel 7260ac wifi card. This means that its using a mini pcie slot which is what the GDC also uses.
  3. Are you sure there were no problems with your soldering? I've only soldered once on a motherboard and it turned out I messed up. Never trying that again.
  4. Hey y'all first official post on the forum. What do you all think of the recently announced asus ux550? Link . Seems to better than the xps 15 as it has a 1050ti unlike the gtx 1050 in the xps. Not sure if I should wait for its release(probably July) or go for the xps 15. Xps 15 has alot of sales with ebates but I doubt the zenbook will.
  5. Is there a reason you're only looking at these last generation models? I would suggest going for the msi gs63 ghost pro with the 1060. Since you need it to be light weight I'm guessing you need good battery life aswell so I guess I'd choose the Asus as it has a 6hr battery life which is pretty good for a gaming laptop. If you are willing to spend more I would suggest checking out the Gigabyte Aero 14. Its light, has amazing battery life and performance (Gtx 1060)
  6. I was looking for this aswell, however after searching I only found this reasonable alternative: https://www.amazon.ca/AzureWave-Broadcom-BCM94352HMB-BCM94352-867Mbps/dp/B00JY6X9HM . The 7260Ac is better since it apparently has better drivers but spec wise it seems to be the same.

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