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  1. I downloaded this, but the overclocking doesn't work on my GPU (GTX670M) Every other feature works as advertised ... Can someone help me overclock mine too?
  2. Wow that's some really nifty thing. But why go through all that if you can find a $50 battery replacement?
  3. Great so basically I need to wait a week+ or buy a 6 dollar sub for a site that I will probably never use again to download a file for a laptop that is outdated and will probably have it for like another year ... wel thanks a lot, best forum ever!
  4. Already played this game it's so awesome, it actually reminds me of the original on PC. Altho it's quite outdated for todays standards ... I mean ... at this point even mario looks better
  5. I have like 50+, but I am more for quality than quantity ...
  6. mucski

    Gtav on pc

    What? The user above can only run it on 20 fps with 980m? And I can on 60fps 1080p on 670m?
  7. I am already using Discord. It's pretty nice, but it lacks a lot of features. Video calls, screen sharing, animated emoji's ...
  8. Hello I am a tech user, and an ASUS ROG user, I came here to download a modded bios ... but I guess I need to post first ...
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