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  1. Sorry for the noob question, but where did you get the schematics from? I'm looking to put a 1440p or 4K panel in an NP8177 but I can't find the schematics for it to find out if it's eDP-only or eDP/LVDS like in the original post. The model name is Sager NP8177/Clevo P670HS-G, or NP8176/Clevo P670HP6-G should also work cause it's the same laptop but with a GTX 1060 instead of GTX 1070, Sager NP8156/Clevo P650HP6-G is the 15.6" GTX 1060 model and Sager NP8157/Clevo P650HS-G is the 15.6" GTX 1070 model. Clevo P670RS-G seems to be the Intel 6th-gen version of the board, but it still has a GTX 1070. The Sager rebrand of the P670RS-G is the NP8173, and the 15.6" version is P650RS-G or Sager NP8153. GTX 1060 versions are the Sager NP8172/Clevo P670RP6 (17.3") and Sager NP8152/Clevo P650RP6. Hopefully one of those helps. My speciality is phone and computer repair, not laptop schematic hunting
  2. Same here. Still got the EXE? If you could throw it on Google Drive that'd be gr8.
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