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  1. Hello, firstly thanks to your contributions, I have been referred to this thread from another forum and it is great to find this information. I have an Aspire V3 771G i7-3632QM 8GB 750GB Nvidia 710M, I want to install a GTX 750 Ti, I do not play much but I want a PC ready to be able to have a decent experience, and it's a shame not to take advantage of the power of the equipment. I have read that since some version of Nvidia software there is already "support" for eGPUs, but I have also read that this machine usually gives problems, as you know your original BIOS is severely limited, and having dgpu with optimus without possibility to disable it As I read it is a real problem for some. My intention is to play with internal screen, but also with external. I read that with a program "DIY dgpu" you can force boot, but then I have read about the bios unlocked and I have been excited. I have seen several bios unlocked but I have not dared to flash for fear because I do not know exactly if it is the same machine. I have discarded bios 1.X (not EFI) My BIOS is official v2.28 (EFI), and I have seen bios unlocked but other configurations eg with GT650M graphics instead of 710M and I have not moved forward. The most similar I've seen is a 2.23 where only the processor changes (it was an i5 instead of i7), but again I do not know if doing a downgrade is safe. What BIOS did you use? If something goes wrong is it really easy to re-think? Inside the BIOS that concrete option you have edited ?, is to do the same .... Greetings
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