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  1. HumanGene33

    Witcher 3

    Finished Witcher 3 with all expansions . I must say the Blood and Wine was the best storyline above all. The game itself is a whole different world to experience. I tried to read anything i found and any notes i found wherever !. They surely did spent a lot of time and effort for this game . The graphics of the Witcher series always been the first to see. Horse riding and cave exploration are my favourites. If any of u did not play this game yet and if u like open world games. U really should give it a try. I am sure your gonna love as soon as you see the graphics.
  2. I am using Throttlestop myself. It helps a lot if you are using your computer with many programs running at the same time. Also i like how it smooth the web browser experience. Used to have fps drops in games like Ryse- Son of Rome and Rise of the Tomb Raider. After started using it , fps drops gone. Its also easy to find download links to that program , if any of u cant find download link i can help too.
  3. HumanGene33

    Gtav on pc

    Playing Gta V on pc is just awesome !, It has such a great optimization for the pc that you can even play this game on ultra setting on gtx660m !. I finished the storyline and the side-quests twice already. I dont uninstall this game i wont. Not until they release a new one. I think its a must-have game in case you get bored with other games. U can always take a ride on the glorious streets of Los Santos to relax for a while.
  4. I played this game and finished last month. It has very unbalanced textures when it comes to animals and tents. The grass, shadows and post processes are fine but the water is terrible. I mean Far Cry 4 had 10x better water animation and texture when compared to this one. But the gameplay and the story is taking you back to the b.c 10000 which really makes you feel like you are there. The soundtrack, animations, skills and the hunters vision ability makes it even sweeter to play in night times. You can also actualy have a jaguar pet too !
  5. Thanks for the custom bios . Games after 2017 needs overclocking with g75vw , so i will use this one for overclocking further.
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