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  1. The original one that came out for the 680m/7970m was also broken into two, yet many people consider it shitty, in part because of the gap between the radiators, and leads to higher temps. What's the difference then?
  2. Thanks so much @Khenglish! The heatsink would be for a GTX 1060, but I read a post from you saying that this one has "the best" cooling. I should go for it then, right? (Cooler means longer lasting GPU) So it's normal that the end piece is divided? (At least it appears to be from the photos). PS: What do you mean with poor memory cooling? Would this be a relevant problem for the 1060?
  3. Both are stock, but they have changed the design over time. The ones I have for example, are less efficient and make the card 10° hotter.
  4. I'm looking to upgrade the heatsink in my p170em as I have the shitty version that first came out. I posted this in NBR but didn't get many replies. Hoping maybe @Khenglish, or anyone, can help. I found the following two heat sinks. Now I don't know which one is "the best"...Option 1 - Supposedly from a 980m that I found on Ebay. I'm afarid because it seems the end part seems to be 2 pieces.Option 2, from a 780m. It's a from a laptop seller in Germany: Thanks for any help
  5. During the course of my ongoing upgrade to the GTX 1060, I found out that it runs a lil bit too hot (80-85°) compared to the temps reported by @Billy2789 (65-70's°). After much repasting and screw adjustment I could barely do a dent to the temps. Eventually I noticed that Billy and I have different heat sinks: I have the old 2-piece heat sink that first came out for the P170EM and he had an early P170SM version meant for the 780m. Some research shows these provide 10-15° cooler temps.Further reading led to @Khenglish suggesting a 980m heatsink, as these have slightly better temps than the 780m one.I'm asking around on European websites, but would apprecciate pointers on what I should ask for - Currently I'm asking for a P170SM heat sink for the 980m. Is this correct? Also, what would be an appropiate price, as I have seen numbers vary between 60 USD to 95 USD??? Heat sinks for other cards are valued much cheaper (around 35 USD). Perhaps a recommended shop in Europe? All pointers are appreciated.
  6. @Ferrouswogg Fixed the BIOS problem. Now my problem is that I can't download your file. My account may be too new "The page you are trying to access is not available for your account." is the error message I get.
  7. OMG you both are geniuses. Removing the GPU for one restart cycle fixed everything. I'm writing from the affected computer now Love you 1000 times!
  8. I have only two RAM sticks equaling 16GB. How can I reflash if it gets stuck? Could you explain more in detail :)? Also wouldn't the lack of a GPU thermal signal lead to a shutdown?
  9. I tried, but after the first start up (still holding Fn+B, without monitor, only LEDS), the restart sends again to the splash screen, not the recovery menu as I read it is supposed to u_u
  10. Yes, I left it a couple hours on the splash screen, no changes.
  11. I left in Europe, as I was going to sell it. I'm currently in Mexico for 3 months.
  12. Pressed Tab, changed into text bios, pressed F2, says Entering Setup. Hangs in there :/
  13. Computer wont turn on doing that. No changes after that u_u
  14. Forgot to add that, it's a P170EM. Can't do any of those things. The computer is stuck in the splash screen, and not moving forward - When I press F2 it only selects the option but that's it.
  15. So, while trying to install my new GTX 1060 card in my P170EM it seems I fucked up big time and now I'm under terrible psychological suffering... I had previously installed @Prema BIOS back in 2015 successfully. As I was having trouble installing my video card and some user pointed that it may be the BIOS, I decided to install it again, in case there were changes between then and now. Installation went normal, except that when I tried to start the system I'm stuck in the splash screen... Fans work, keyboard works (can select the option to go into the BIOS page or boot order), LEDs work (from what I understand, this means that the EC is still ok). But it won't move from the Splash screen. I tried resetting CMOS by disconnecting the CMOS battery (breaking the connector on the way, the cables came out of the connector despite me pulling carefully, the connector won't bulge, no matter how much I - gently - push it with a screwdriver) the whole night. I'm afraid of doing a BIOS recovery because I can't remember the EC of my computer (did the successful Prema Bios installation updated it to last version or not?) and am basically on the edge of tears out of desperation. u_u Of course, I don't know how to get hold of Prema, beyond posting on his blog. Can anyone offer a piece of advice?
  16. Thanks so much for the effort, I would love to try it, but unfortunately while trying to troubleshoot what was wrong, I fucked up my computer by bricking the BIOS.... I'll post a new thread about that (it depresses me so much...)
  17. 1.- That's why I'm writing. I don't know if I did or not. I changed all 11A0.7102 entries into 1C60.7102 (11A0 was the 680m card that was originally built for the EM series). This is what the user at NBR did for his windows 7 machine and it worked. I also tried using the modded nv_dispi file from Laptopvideo2go. No avail. 2.- I did disable driver signing enforcement. 3.- I have Prema bios. No @Prema VBios for 1060 exists.
  18. I recently got a cheap MSI GTX 1060 for my P170EM (yay!). I followed steps presented by user over at NBR but currently I'm stuck i nthe drivers installation step.I don't really get the grasp of how to properly modify the INI files of the drivers. After several tries I managed to install the drivers on Safe Mode, but that didn't work once I got into Normal Mode. The user at NBR has it up and running on the same machine using Windows 7, and has kindly shared his INI file for some old drivers. But before I give up and format the computer and roll back to windows 7, I would like to know if any of you know how I can install the drivers in Windows 10.@Prema has also one up and running as I have a read on a P150EM, so I just need to find out what I am doing wrong....
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