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  1. Can anyone please give me a hand over my new acer laptop? i do really want to unlock its bios.. there it is:> thanks
  2. Hello there! My name is Edney Helene, i do live in Sao Paulo! Enthusiast, 29 years old! been modding amd bios with rbe theres a time....also used alot that ubu bios updater to update some of the internal bios modules.... Now i just moved in into notebook platform since im moving from my country! Bought an Acer f5-573g-59aj and i think this forum is the right place to start on researching how to mod my bios and unlock some advanced features! Its my pleasure to joing this place with u guys!
  3. I just bought this laptop and im using it for gaming, 1366x768 is its default resolution and i just think it does pretty well! Model specs:: Acer Aspire F15 F5-573g-59aj Processor: Core i5 6200u 2.3ghz with turbo boost to 2.8ghz Nvidia Geforce 940mx Gddr5 2gb dedicated vram 8gb ddr4 kingston Intel 520 graphics USB 3.1 The cpuid link is here: http://valid.x86.fr/hh1ql9 My basic questions are: 1) Why the hell the bios is so useless? how do i activate the advanced tab menu? there are no parameters to replace to adjust, only boot options and it sucks =( ( Can anyone please unlock it?) 2) where do i find a new vbios for 940mx Gddr5 ? and how to i flash it? is there an special tool like on desktops? im very used on overclocking and bios modding desktops but this is my first laptop and i want to start with it! 3) i usually use ubu (unified bios updater) to update bios modules from my desktop uefi bios including micro code...is it possible with notebooks? Thanks alot
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