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  1. Hmm yeah it seems to be that the display is still active and the backlight just turns off when I close the lid... I ran a CAD program, right-click+drag moves the camera angle. When I right click and move my mouse around fast the GPU temp increased... so I set it to extended monitors, moved the program over to the laptop display and closed the lid. Had HWMonitor open on my monitor, and moved my mouse off the screen to where the laptop display extension theoretically was. Not only did it let my mouse move off the screen, but when I right clicked and dragged blindly I registered the same temp increases and when I opened the lid the viewing angle on the CAD program had changed... so I guess it just shuts off the backlight when I close it T_T Thanks anyway for looking into it.
  2. O.o apparently those patch notes are for the R60... I could have sworn it was for Y580 haha... not sure where I got that idea from. (Sorry for the triple post mods... XD)
  3. Alright. One other thought, the Fn+F2 key combo turns off the backlight, and until I looked closely I used to think it turned the display off. It could be that when I close the lid it just turns the backlight off, and the display itself is still outputting, which might explain why it doesn't switch automatically; the laptop display is still "on". No way to really verify though on my end the backlight/screen doesn't shut off until the screen is practically all the way closed. In case you were wondering, here's the BIOS notes, version 2.20 was when they changed the Y580 display behavior. Summary of changes for BIOS update - ThinkPad R60, R60i (Types: 94xx) Also, I can use your same unlocked BIOS for my GT 650M version, right?
  4. No I've got the GT 650M, with 3630QM Cpu. Using win+P I have 4 options, Disconnect Projector, Duplicate Displays, Extended Display, and Projector only. Disconnect projector uses the laptop screen only and always, whether it is open or not, and Projector Only uses the monitor only and always, whether the laptop lid is open or not. Duplicate and extend, well, you know what those do Intel HD Graphics and Media in the control panel have the same options though worded differently. Duplicate, Extend, or Single Display. When I select single display, it gives me a dropdown menu to choose my primary monitor, however whichever one I choose it always and only uses that one, so is the same as the win+P. NVIDIA manager has no display config section whatsoever.
  5. Hiya! Thanks for this. I was wondering something, and this might be beyond your ability, but I figured I'd ask. I just replaced my old Thinkpad T61 with a Y480, and I noticed something. I use an external monitor, and on my T61 I had the options set so that when the laptop was open it would use the laptop screen, and when the lid was closed it would switch to the monitor by itself. So it would only use one of the two screens; if the laptop screen was available it would prefer that one, but if the laptop lid was closed, it would output to the monitor instead. I've messed around with options in the OS, in the Intel HD graphics manager, in the NVIDIA manager, but I can't seem to replicate my old setup. However on the Y480 I can either use only the laptop display or only the monitor, and closing/opening the laptop doesn't cause any switching. They were both running the same OS and both had NVIDIA graphics so not much is different there, and in the official Y580 BIOS patch notes there was a bugfix regarding the behavior of extended displays when the laptop lid is closed... so I'm assuming my issue is also at the BIOS level. Is there any way you could mess around with that, or is it beyond you? (PS. the monitor was connected through VGA on both laptops) Thanks again
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