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  1. Hi. I flashed the vbios with success for the 970M 3gb on my Asus G751 and I could bump up the core clock to 1400 stable but I can't seem to get the memory beyond +150MHz without random colors flashing in game. Tried lowering the core clock to a 1200 to keep the temp down but still not able to go higher on the memory clock. Any tips? I'm thinking that its my luck that I got a low quality memory that can't handle memory overclocking. But is it possible to increase the memory voltage like when we're overclocking system memory? Another thing, will repasting the gpu improve my memory overclocking? I am due for cleaning out my fans and might consider doing a repaste job. Thanks.
  2. You don't run it from the nvflash file. You should open an elevated command prompt then type in the commands. In my case: c:\nvflash\nvflash.exe -6 c:\nvflash\XXXXX.rom where XXXX is the vbios file name located in the nvflash folder. Pic to help you out: PS: Don't forget to disable the display driver in the device manager before running the above command.
  3. You can still disable the 980 in device manager without the integrated card. Then use the nvflash tools in windows. Hey. Yes i have flashed it and its good so far. Im running at 300 core & 280 mem with 1.1 volt. Scores around 10k in 3dmark11, 1800 in valley and 1k in heaven with maxed out settings (1080p) temps around 70degree C. I'll post benchmarks screenshots once i get on my laptop after work. UPDATE with benchmark.
  4. Great! So the vbios that you share here has not gotten the slider unlocked? Yes I know my way around flashing the vbios so no worries here. I'll update you once I get home from work. Can't remember what exact color it is during throttling that GPU-z is giving me the last time I OC'd the gpu. But I could see the core clock frequency dropping few times during testing. I'll check later once I tried flashing the vbios. Thanks a lot Kingkaan!
  5. Is the vbios power limit slider unlocked? because I can only manage to get my core up to 1230 Mhz with voltage increase to around 1.2mv before it starts to hit the power limit and throttling the clock (as per reported by GPU-Z when running benchmarks and games) I tried changing the value of the power limit manually in the Maxwell Bios Tweaker but I'm afraid I don't know which one to change. I can only manage to change the default core/mem speed so I can go further with the 135MHz software overclock and increase the voltage in the vbios tweaker but that's it. PS: Mind sharing your vbios Kingkaan?
  6. Wow! That's nice! Did you get your vbios unlocked? What voltage your running?
  7. I think we will have to wait for awhile for them to support our laptop. It looks like the vbios for Asus laptop is very different when compared to those laptops with MXM gpu card (ours is soldered on to the motherboard) Makes me jealous of those Alienware/Others user who got their vbios unlocked. Wished I had gone with the Alienware when I bought this Asus laptop. If only Alienware branded computer are cheap over here at my place.
  8. I am actually waiting for the progress update for the unlocked vbios for the 970M on an Asus computer. Sadly the other vbios that svl7 posted is not compatible with my card.
  9. Any update on the progress for this vbios?
  10. It's fine. You won't lose display if you disable the primary gpu. You're just disabling the driver. Not the entire GPU hardware.
  11. Awesome work guys! Here is my vbios from an Asus G751JT with GTX970M. Maybe it can help with the progress for us Asus user. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12467282/asusg751_gtx970m3gb_stock.rar
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