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  1. Thanks for linking the tutorial I already read, tried and couldn't figure out. any one out there actually willing to help a guy out ?
  2. Hello, so I'm totally new to this egpu thing and have bought a exp Gdc beast a enclosure a power supply and the whole nine yards . my desktop recently imploded so I want to use my gtx 1080 in a enclosure with my laptop. ive googled a ton on how to fix error 12 I even bought the diy egpu setup software to over come it . Still no luck. I researched it and people say to run PCI compaction which honnestly I have no idea what that is . i did run the PCI compaction 32 bit on the igpu this gives a error . The 36 bit finishes with no error , but after a reboot I'm still getting error 12. I don't think I'm competent enough to do a dsdt overide on my own and just need this thing to work . if someone could help me get rid of error 12 it would make my life right about now . thanks !
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