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    Would be 5 star because BAKED always is but for some reason I can't get this one to flash through the windows executable ( windows 10 ) anyone got any advice . Strange because in the passed on my dm3 DM km and TM this has never been a problem
  1. Yes head over to the download section and match up your vbios version with the available OC vbios available.
  2. http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/fixable-issue-with-p775tm-gpu-heatsink.835380/ I had the same issue on my TM the unified heatsink on the DM3 actually works much better in my testing so you have that in your favour. I updated the EC on my system but be careful and read the entire post . Good luck . If you need files just ask
  3. Yes on this forum you can download the BAKED bios for your TM1/G it's a good unlocked motherboard BIOS for the TM1/G
  4. Only the MSI GTX1070 MXM v1.2 will work with the P870DMG
  5. The BAKED P870DM will take any GTX10## card I have my one running 2 x MSI GTX 1070 MXM in SLI they can both draw 160W+ from the MXM slot no additional power cable needed
  6. Hello I have a P170HM3 and I have a HD7970M instead in it . Have you got the EUROCOM BIOS? So you have a GTX675M? That card if I remember correctly caused me a lot of annoyance due to its compatibly I'm sure I still have it in a laptop with the original vbios 3B iirc.
  7. I don't think anyone will have this available....... But head over to eurocom and talk to them .they may have what u are looking for.
  8. So I was wondering if there is a work around to get the larger GTX 1060 ( The one work with the power connection ) in the P870DMG
  9. Hello Was this a vbios mod on the gtx980 200w ?
  10. found it http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/clevo-bios-older-models-released-in-after-2014.790474/
  11. hello all dose anyone know where i can get this bios from reason being i bought a GTX980M G and i have a P771ZM unless anyone knows of a way to get the GTX980M G working with a vbios flash but from what i understand it needs to be done from the laptop motherboard not the GPU . any help will be appreciated Regards Damin
  12. Hello @svl7 Can i get access to the GTX980m vbios i made a beer donation from 777damin but the download link is still locked ..please help RegardsDamin https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/176563/176563.rom https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/196284/196284.rom
  13. @Klem Hello if I upload a link to my 2 x 970m 3GB could you please create a moded BIOS for them ? They are inside my Aorus X7 pro Regards Damin
  14. Hello Jafil did you manage to get the 4GB MSI 980M to work in your P170sm ?
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