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  1. 2 X Titan X + Mice on sale in our store! Come take a look :)

    1. Brian


      We'll be selling T|I shirts, mugs, mousepads etc soon :)

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  2. Hey all, long time no see.  Was just browsing and looking to ask a few questions.


    Is there no Windows, or software subforum?  Wanted to ask some Rainmeter/HWInfo questions.    Kinda miss the shoutbox too lol.



    1. Brian


      Hey man, nope there's no longer a general software forum since it was under utilized. We basically culled any forums that weren't active enough over the years and kept the ones with the most activity. 

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  3. Hello, I saw your post where you left Vbios downloads with different settings etc. I'll cut straight to it, I would like to pay for a Vbios that works with my M17x R2 laptop. I have tried flashing every VBios including the ones you listed, and the closest it gets is working on an external display. It plays just fine but I cant get it on my laptop screen, external only.

    I bought it from this ebay Post if any of the ID's or come in handly: I'll glady post anything else needed.

    Please consider this and tell me your price, I really need this to work or at least a stable answer that it will not work from a professional.

    1. Brian


      @svl7is retired, he won't be answering your message anytime soon. Sorry.

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