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  1. /titanium

    Gaming Laptop build with GTX750ti-LP (Non-eGPU)

    Great Frankenstein! You have hands from the right place
  2. Is this compatible with my Y500 i5/750m (without SLI)?
  3. /titanium

    Welcome filthy Яats™

    Going to subscribe))
  4. /titanium

    are mechanical keyboards worth it?

    Mechanical it's good, but choose your type of it.
  5. /titanium

    Upgrading from a 2500K

    Hasswell is great one
  6. It's a pretty good stuff
  7. /titanium

    Y500 Disassembled (Pictures)

    Replace compound on y500, for zalman, result is great
  8. /titanium

    Lenovo Y500 accepted wireless card 5G

    Try to update soft

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