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  1. I solved it! Reseated the GPU and all the plugs and the eGPU got detected again. Aforementioned use of the lspci command on a Ubuntu USB stick convinced me that it was a hardware issue and greatly narrowed down the search.
  2. Tried that, it installed all the PCI drivers again but still didn't recognize the eGPU. I found that Ubuntu can't find it as well, so I'm going to start searching for hardware problems even though that's weird since it worked before... (Attached is a screenshot of Ubuntu's results when i use the lspci command)
  3. Hi all, I have an Acer v3-571G (BIOS v2.21) laptop with integrated 710M and HD4000 graphics running Windows 10 64-bit. I've been running an eGPU setup succesfully for the past year now with a MSI GTX970 and an EXP GDC Beast adapter, both powered by a 600W Zalman ATX PSU. It worked perfectly for a year, but a few weeks ago I was messing with the graphics drivers to solve a minor brightness problem on my laptop, and my PC isn't detecting the eGPU anymore. When I was messing with the drivers the eGPU was disconnected and the Wifi-card works in the exact same mPCIe slot, so I'm pretty sure it's a software problem. Things I have tried so far: - Try A LOT of drivers (Intel Management Engine, nVidia Graphics, Intel Graphics, Acer PCIe etc.) - Replace mPCIe to HDMI cable - Hotplugging from sleep - Paperclip in ATX motherboard plug to power it up before PC - Change EXP GDC's jumper settings - BIOS's secure boot off (- Legacy BIOS will not detect any OS, so couldn't test this) There is literally no sign of the eGPU in Device Manager, and plugging a USB in the EXP GDC does nothing as well. I'm almost 100% sure the eGPU is connected properly, since it worked perfectly for over a year, and it powers on (fans, lights) when the PC is booted. Any ideas? Any suggestions/ advice is greatly appreciated! Best regards, Jacco

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