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  1. The idea is really interesting, I had never thought of it. I think yes, at the time saw that the motherboard amplifies the sound, it would be interesting to know how many Watt per speaker it delivers? On the other hand I think you will find your happiness in spare parts for other portable (the ebay for example?) Reason why this format is not the norm.
  2. so cool, if is hot to change MXM card, its a fault of DELL Restriction ? or its a limitation of card ?
  3. I had an M17 with the amplifier and I really think it's not great. In the alienware case we have to restart the pc, but especially there is little interest. Both have a desktop pc. On the other hand the idea is interesting for a pc of small size like here or an M13x which embarks a much smaller card ...
  4. I am really in a hurry that the Tesla Model 3 so I think it will revolutionize the field of electric car with a price and a high-end service, finally I hope.
  5. But if its free no problem ! i need SLI 980
  6. Hello there, I'm new ! i like information on your forum, than you for that i have just M18X r2 680 SLI, and VN7 acer at home.
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