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  1. Hello, I am just wondering what would be the best wifi card that would work in a Lenovo Thinkpad T61?
  2. Okay, DOTA 2 doesn't take too much to run so I would recommend the ASUS K501UX which can be found for around $600. Intel Core i7-6500U 2.5GHz 15.6 inches Matte FHD display 1920 by 1080 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M 8GB Ram 256GB SSD If you want something more powerful to play other games besides DOTA 2 such as some AAA titles at higher settings, wait for the Lenovo Y520 which starts at $800 and releases really soon. Although, this ASUS will run more demanding games, at lower settings, so for $600 especially considering the build quality it's not a bad deal.
  3. Intel CPU's have been pretty stagnant in performance as of late with new iterations. I would wait until the next-gen chips release if I was in the market for a real performance upgrade... because AMD Ryzen has finally dropped and will shake up the CPU market finally. Intel is now forced to release something with a significant performance boost to hold AMD off.
  4. Go with the Lenovo Y520 which is coming out soon within the same price range. The specs seem right for the price, and I have not had much quality issues with Lenovo and this price range and higher. This is the laptop I would buy if I was in the market for a budget gaming laptop.
  5. At the current moment, the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 is the best in that price range. But... if I were in your position I would wait a bit. The Lenovo Y520 is my recommendation. Out of the Dell, Acer, and Lenovo, I would definitely go with the Lenovo. Just personal experience, I have had way more quality issues with Dell and Acer as opposed to Lenovo.
  6. Hey all from Canada. In laptops I have: - my beloved M17X R1 with a QX9300, 8GB Ram, 5870M's in Crossfire, and 4TB storage - Thinkpad X230T modded to have the old classic keyboard - Thinkpad Z60M with titanium cover that I recently acquired, no idea what to do with it yet - Thinkpad T60 that I'm currently working on to create a T601F Frankenpad for office productivity on the go - Thinkpad 770Z that I acquired a few days ago that will be put to use for classic gaming My desktop is custom built with a 42" NEC Professional monitor, AMD FX-9590, R9 290, and 32GB Ram I love older Thinkpads, and I love older Alienwares as you can tell. Newer Thinkpads do not interest me anymore, besides the Thinkpad Helix. And the new Alienware lineup that just released has finally peaked my interest, fell in love with the design at the Microsoft store.
  7. Hello, as you can tell my machine is pretty old but I still use it regularly. I just have 2 questions about this if anyone can help: 1. Is there any way to get the 5870M's running in Crossfire under Windows 10? In Windows 7 it's fairly easy to do as you just install the original Dell drivers, enable crossfire, and then you can install the latest drivers on top. In Windows 10 Even if you install the original Dell drivers, the 2nd card just is not recognized. Is there any way to get the second card recognized? 2. I saw that there was a 6870m bios available to be flashed on the 5870m. Would that solve the issue?
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