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  1. Hi, May i know how to run command prompt in specific path?
  2. Hi, I would like to piggy back the post. Admin, please allow my membership to download. I believe i have fulfilled the quota already. Thank you.
  3. Hi! I'm a new member, Let's be nice to each other and learn together. Cheers
  4. why not TeamViewer? I believe it became free after acquired by Microsoft right? I'm using it frequently and the quality is not bad.
  5. Just to share that i myself am not a very tech savvy person. I found after the BIOS tweak, MSI afterburner offers the most simplified approach compared to inspector. It is a free software, but do take care not to mess too much with the Voltage thingy. It is generally risky. I learned that the hard way. haha. Hopefully no one falls into the same trap as me.
  6. I second Lenovo. They have a reasonable price point. But if i were you, i'd wait a while until they release the 10XX series GPU. The current Y700 is all good but it is still relying on GTX9XX series.
  7. Bro, I'm having the exact issue, what i did is that 1. right click on the .exe file and set tick run as admin and also compatible mode as win8 2. restart 3. try again. Voila. At least that worked for me. help that help
  8. why not try Raspberry pi for RAID backup storage? I personally intend to start it since i already got a First gen Pi B http://projpi.com/diy-home-projects-with-a-raspberry-pi/raspberry-pi-raid-array-with-usb-hdds/ Synology in my opinion is really expensive.
  9. This might be a stupid suggestion but i realized that the Win64 version download of the backup file does not include the Backup.bat file. For those facing same issue with me, you can download it from Fptw64 tool. Just hope it help someone. cheers
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