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  1. p3600

    GTX 1060 in GT70 and GT72

    THX:-) Then I will search for 1C20 gpu
  2. p3600

    GTX 1060 in GT70 and GT72

    Is g-sync 1060 run in non g-sync gt70?
  3. p3600

    Sager NP8278 gtx970M SLI?

    Nope U have only one mxm slot, gtx 1060 should fit.
  4. Jup steel tape metod is great, i had big air leaks and now achieved 7*C less, helpfull tutorial THX
  5. p3600

    [GUIDE] NVIDIA VBIOS flashing

    Yup, thanks, just flashed msi bios to clevo card under windows 10 all is working great.
  6. p3600

    [GUIDE] NVIDIA VBIOS flashing

    Hi, is it safe to flash bios form https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/ ??

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