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  1. I would let the USB recovery method as a last resort option as things may go very wrong for newbie users .... i got a quicker and better solution (certified procedure) :feel_good:If you guys somehow made a mess-up in the MODIFIED Y580 bios and changed that tempting option you considered it was gonna be the "real deal" in your computing experience... and now the laptop does not display any video or self-shutdown just seconds after you turn it on ... i got big news for you ; PROCEDURE: :GB_bonesrock:Unplug the AC adapter unit from the laptop , detach the battery from the unit as well (no power from any source to the system ) Hold the POWER button for 30 seconds ( this time frame must be precise, more seconds wont hurt BUT NEVER less than the specified amount, ) Release the power button and then hook up the AC ADAPTER into the system , hold down the FN KEY while pressing the power button momentarily to turn the system on, but keep the FN KEYpressed until the computer self-reboots a second time, by this time the computer will start again and you will see the LENOVO logo on screen , everything is fine now .... you just performed a RESET CMOS to wipe clean your previous epic fail... Let the system boot up and reach the OS , then restart the system again, enter the BIOS and adjust system time and other regular settings, as we always say ... DO NOT CHANGE SETTINGS THAT YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH , and even if you know what you doing , your system may hang up with undesired behavior, locks and bricks, keep it quiet guys... not all the options made available work ! if this detailed procedure DOES NOT WORK for you ... service the laptop with Lenovo.
  2. Be advised ! If you try to completely disable your INTEL video card using the new settings/options made available in the new unlocked y580 bios you will disable as well : the laptop LCD screen and the HDMI port since the lcd screen inverter and the HDMI output are directly connected/tied thru the motherboard to the INTEL GPU on the processor ... no bios option will be able to disable it properly because its not designed for that at the circuitry level On this machine design you can disable the NVIDIA GPU completely but not the other one (the Intel graphics or IGFX) ... when all enabled the intel one manages the Nvidia and the switching goes on thru the optimus scheme implemented at hardware/driver level between the intel GPU inside the CPU and the Nvidia GPU http://www.nvidia.com/object/LO_optimus_whitepapers.html
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