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  1. Wow thank you for sharing that procedure, that was going to be the next thing I had to dig up! When you say change the recovery name, do you mean step 3 in option 2, where you create a directory you have to name it Y###BIOS based on whatever model you have?
  2. For cost savings Lenovo will get just a few cookie cutter mobo platform configurations from their ODM which will have optional components populated in PCB, but not actually filled in with the component (i.e. PCIE controller). The end result would be that we see connectors that look like they are empty, but in reality they're connected to nothing. According to IR1, someone took the effort the test if it works and no dice
  3. What do you see in long-term stability of this mod? Have you noticed any performance issues over time?
  4. Question because I wanted to try this same mod -- Did you upgrade to the latest Lenovo BIOS version before running SVL7's procedure? Thanks!
  5. The controller won't recognize it, even if you add in a bus connection. System wasn't designed to accept mux'd inputs for the Mini PCIE
  6. Intel AC 7260 seems to be the only confirmed option so far. Follow SVL7's guide to get the unlocked BIOS first though.
  7. Is it possible to use M203 screws for reinstalling the CPU?
  8. Thanks for posting all this! I was wondering if the download link to the drivers is broken? TechInferno is throwing an error when I try to hit download.
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