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  1. Hollo, It's my first post. Few weeks ago I made setup: Laptop: Acer Aspire V3-772G i7 4702MQ, 4 cores 2.2 ghz. 8GB DDR3 ram 1 TB 5.2k HDD 120GB SSD Windows 8.1 works on SSD BIOS InsydeH2O 3.7 fully unlocked My external setup : EXP GDC beast v7 GTX 1060 6GB MSI ARMOR 600W PSU please note my PSU and GPU is completely new. I can play games very well, however games randomly crash it takes from 5 to 40 mins to crash. Also I noticed crash sometimes happens not playing anything, desktop turns black. That's my only problem and I can't find a fix. Also please not after crash Windows recovers quickly. what I have tried : - Because Acer has no white list, I have unlocked BIOS and disabled dGPU, after that everything started to work. Please note my dGPU is broken, can't do any 3D render for some reason... - I have tried few different versions, like Windows 10, windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Now currently I'm using Windows 8.1 it seem to give best performance. - Nvidia drivers I have tried is only few versions, however game still crashing. -I haven't tried 1.30 setup that much main reason is that, I don't really know what to do there and also can't start Windows after configure. - Mainly I'm testing on GTA V, however I've tried different games like Tomb rider or wither 3. - Also played with EXP GDC v7 switches, these makes no effect at all. - switching to gen1 in bios also made no difference. I only receive poor performance in games. - I have also done cpu monitoring all seem very perfect. No problems with power and so. lastly, I'm waiting for any help what I could do with my setup. Also you can ask me for any information I'll be happy to provide it. please help me to fix this problem.

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