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  1. awe that sucks. i've been getting super awesome bubble. adding some to a bowl makes the the vapor so much more denser and flavorful. a real awesome experience and makes the pax a 1 bowl killer for me.
  2. hahah sorry i keep thinking everyone has easy access to it so this is how i carry around my pax. someone made me this pouch.
  3. ok i got you. i mainly use mine as a portable , after i'm done, i just empty the bowl and put it in my pocket bro you gotta try it with some hash man. i like to do a hash sandwich, herb/hash/herb, great way to start the morning, hahahah
  4. i'm having no problems, and i am barely cleaning mine. i use hash too. i would try to get a new replacement. i've gotten together with a few friends and compared our paxs and the mouthpiece seems different on one of them.
  5. just some tubing and a adapter. soft 1/2" tubing fits the mouthpiece super snug. i'm not very conservative with my herbs so i don't flip or stir. you gotta toss in some hash in the mix, then the pax becomes a beast. hahaha
  6. i've seen alot poeple just calling in and getting a mouthpiece for no good reason. i haven't needed to do so yet. but you look like you got a real case. i've been a dell'alienware customer for awhile now, so crappy cs is nothing new to me, hahahaha
  7. sorry i haven't dealt with pax directly, i've only heard that they are replacing mouthpieces. i guess you just got a douchebag cs agent or something. kinda glad i bought from vapeworld.
  8. glad your loving the pax bro!!! its so kick ass for something so small, hahahha fyi if you chat up pax support they will prolly mail you a free mouthpiece. did you do any kind of cleaning to it? it seems the button is sensitive to iso. well not to the iso itself but when the iso dissolves the oils it leak down into the button making the button sticky and hard to press. this is how i clean my pax. i let it heat up for a minute when its empty then i take out the mouthpiece and put it back into charger to turn it off. then i take then put pipe clean through the opening on top of mouthpiece and push it through the bottom popping out the metal screen. then i pull the pipe clean all the way through in one direction only,, no back and forth action. one time through is enough to clean the pathway. then the bowl i just use a q-tip and wipe clean with no iso. the only thing i iso is the mouthpiece, i put that in a cup with iso and shake it for abit then rise with water and dry and good to go. my first one i sent back because of the sticky button. but replacement has been awesome ever since.
  9. i'm lazy so i don't stir or repack but a stir does produce more vapor and more evenly cook herbs. small load are possible but just need to pack it down tight. i love the bowl size, i still need like 2 bowls for full medication but thats much better the other portables out there.
  10. most portable vapes like a long slow draw. the pax needs a tight pack to work the best. i normally use mine at medium and get massive hits. my mouth piece doesn't rattle from side to side and doesn't fall out when shaken upside down either. it hard moving over to vaping, since the hi's are slightly differerent.
  11. cool looking forward to see your thought on it .
  12. your joint rolling skillz are sick man congrats on the pax. i hope you like it!!!
  13. sorry bro can't find any coupons code that is working right now. pax is worth the full price and then some!!! but if you order from vapeworld or other suppliers they will gave you extra stuff like grinders or carrying pouches.
  14. let me check on the coupons. extra pipe cleaner are a good idea. but the pax doesn't need too much cleaning imo. so far i used only 2-3 pip3 cleaners.
  15. a good pax bowl is .4 - .5 grams. i get like 20 or so i lose track. i'm about a 2 bowl person.
  16. i recommend the pax for sure. if you have a high tolerance the pax is a winner!!! big clouds with little effort. i have been loving mine, if you do get it, let me know. i will gave you some cleaning tips.
  17. cool thanks bud!!! u throwing down too xonar???
  18. when is the next murder fest? sign me up!!! its been way too long. do i need to gget the new map packs???
  19. i use to love stuff like this, but then i realize i only really look at my desktop for like 10 secs a day i always have apps and crap open . i have my essentials in my task bar.
  20. nice piece!!! and nice nugs too, looks like some fire. man that bong is huge bro, i don't think i have the lungs for something so big.
  21. dam i gotta go buy some papers, haven't rolled a joint in ages. i did try to make some funky looking joint like that back in the days, they are a pain in the ass to roll, plus real stoners are too lazy for this kind of stuff.
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