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  1. if you just received it, then you can return it. don't call tech support, try calling customer support instead since its new. don't fix it, either get a new replacement or refund.
  2. does anyone here have a copy of my guides. just realize the links don't work no more and my backup is dead. pm me if you do.
  3. bezels are pretty cheap, why hasn't anyone tried buying a bezel and cutting out the screen part. New Alienware 18 R1 18.4" Front LCD Trim Bezel DKNF7
  4. i had that problem plus the psu warning message on cold boots. a new psu solved those problems.
  5. you need to step up your game and get a home vape michael. vape bonging is still my favorite way of consumption . vaping with bags is cool but lacks on taste imo.
  6. i like them both. but wake n' bake i'll go with the sativas and indica for couch locking at night.
  7. i can't camp and dolphin dive with that thing. FAIL!! hahaha
  8. ok thats cool. honestly i think your set bro. i don't see any major real world gains with going any higher then what you have. unless your just getting it to benchmark with or something like that.
  9. the one you link won't work you need 204 pin ram. holy fucking shit you got 24gb of 1600 ram, your laptop will be tottally fucking outdated by the time you need more ram.
  10. whats the prize for this contest???? better be enough to cover the cost of an xm chip, hahahah
  11. you tried the power drain trick with the coin battery taken out. its something i always do when doing component swap.
  12. everyone here knows the the purdy lights makes the computer run faster hahah i had both a wonderful and nightmarish experiences with tech support.
  13. i'm medical so i'm legal here in CA. hahha still need the feds to join the fun! DEA Responds to Legal Weed in Colorado and Washington: "Enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act remains unchanged" - Hit & Run : Reason.com
  14. got hooked up with some more cookies and purp.
  15. should fit, if don't you can prolly take the old x-plate from the old card and put it on the new card.
  16. working great now, could of just been i was too friggin baked, hahah
  17. dam that looks nuts, that some sticky looking kush there been trying to post pics but can't, it just hangs at the image uploader thingy
  18. thanks for those awesome pics of the pax. i just picked up some last night will post it when i got some time.
  19. dam thats some fire for sure. been vaping some master kush at the moment, looks good but flavor wise its not the best for me.
  20. i'm down. name the time so i can drug my family to sleep.
  21. new vid with my new mini piece
  22. here is a vid of my pax. hope this help with your issues.
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