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  1. I think it'd be rather convenient. I've always found Nintendo's first party controllers to be exceptionally comfortable to hold, 1st party games very well done, graphics in games pretty despite low resolution/power, and their dedication to local play fantastic. I definitely feel that this type of product has a market, especially amongst those who want an experience that takes little effort to get going. Then again, it's just the usual arguments for the validation of consoles. Despite that I feel like this steps away from the use case of PC games enough to justify a purchase.
  2. This may be a bit off from the thread, but I was disappointed to see that I have to be an active member on the forum and promoted to download the file? That's a bit frustrating, especially since I upgraded my y510p to Win10 and it'll just stop recognizing my wireless card at random (the stock card doesn't have a Win10 Driver). I'm mostly just looking to get rid of that whitelist though I did upgrade my bios to v3.5 (just to get that out of the way). Any alternate downloads for your mod or should I just wait to get out of "pre-promotion"?
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