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  1. hi Klem, probably the cause of the problem is Rapid Mode of Samsung SSD. I disable this option and Windows works fine. Thank u for the support. Best Regards. Giuseppe
  2. Hi Klem, through a new Bios I obtain a random Bsod "Clock_Watchdog_Timeout" (Windows 10) . How I can fix this problem ? Best Regards. Giuseppe
  3. Hi @Klem, check your PM. How can install the modded bios ?. P.S. I've an issue when Intel Turbo boost is on (Flickering video), it's possible fix this ?. Best Regards. Giuseppe
  4. I attach here the new link for download, because I've a limitation of 1 PM/day. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3wxqO8vh0GRSGJibDlQQWJfTmc Thank you for all, Klem. P.S. I remind you that my Bios version is 3.03 Giuseppe
  5. I repeat the operation (with Administrator Properties) but I've an error in order to create "results.rar" file (in particular the output file has a dimension of 444 Kb). How I can fix this ?. Best Regards, Giuseppe
  6. Hi Klem, check your PM box. Thanks in advance for your work . I repost the link of my bios backup (Bios Version 3.03) https://www.sendspace.com/file/mcaumr Best Regards, Giuseppe
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