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  1. I got a single pcs of latest Pascal architecture Quadro P5000 based on GTX1070 Main difference is It has 16GB of VRAM. As you can see, It is MXM3.0 B type board few more detail pictures for P5000Compare with My GTX980MSize is same and has similar layouts too.Fit perfects with my M17X R4I did upgrade my Heatsink with 3rows for CPU and 6rows for GPU for keep it cool.Here is What Bios shows up.I got Win10 64bit with EFI boots.I tried with Single PEG but failed.Seems Pascal only support eDP signal for screen.I guess If I change to 3D screen, might works for Single PEG use. Update me If anybody has tips for this. Here is How it shows out in Windows 10As there is no official driver for P5000 for laptop's yet, most of information not shows out correct specs.But as you cans see it has 16GB VRAM and 2048 shader units.This is 3DMark Fire strikes for P5000check for more details with this links : http://www.3dmark.com/fs/11422803 I did some of tests and decide to wait official driver come out from vendor's or nVIDIA. It's not working 100% performance yet, but still can feel how powerful Graphics card it is.
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