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  1. i think i have solved this by cold plugging instead of hot plugging, although i do see the egpu when hotplugging, and have plugged/unplugged ports while connected, it seems to be more successful when cold plugged.
  2. i have a 2015 MBP, 2x thunderbolt 2, and i use one thunderbolt port for ethernet but when i plug in my Node, the ethernet thunderbolt connection is disabled and i cannot see my external HDD in windows explorer... apparently my 1080 (gigabyte g1) is only supposed to draw about 225W, and the node suppliese 400W.... someone said it could be a powerdraw issue, requiring more powerful PSU in the node, but i need help with this the 1080 is recognised in device manager. but i haven't yet got it to work, if anyone can help with that too....
  3. i have seen people post videos on youtube with working tb3 enclosures on tb2 laptops. i have such a setup and although i have yet to get it working, i can confirm that the device manager does see the graphics card
  4. it's a bidirectional adapter. so you can use it with a thunderbolt cable to connect the node into a 2015 MBP. i haven't yet got mine working (work in progess), but i have managed to get my gtx egpu recognised in device manager, and i saw it in msi afterburner too. but still working on it, as for some reason nvidia driver won't install, gets stuck on preparing to install.
  5. I have one, with dedicated graphics card (AMD R9 M370X) want to know whether it would work because of the possible incompatibility of the thunderbolt controller (TI86/87) of the Node
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