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  1. Hi , could someone please inform me of the best current modded drivers out for the 980m 8gb , hopefully getting it soon so would like to get all drivers etc ready and sorted .....new to all this modding inf.files i am running windows 8.1 after 10 screwed up my other card ....big thanks in advance.
  2. Hi mw86 enjoying this forum very much , spend a lot of time on the notebook review forums , yes both are accepted but the score will be much lower if you use the amd optimized option the drop in points is even more , i have just installed in m18x a 2960 was trying to replicate your score of 10,000 lowering my flex but no , with amps what is best setting to start with , i am running 45x on all cores with a flex of 8 and my amps at 1050 which was recommended to me , but i feel the cpu runs a bit hot so whats a safe temp on these cpu ? i have repasted but used AS5 , but decided to order up some of that diamond paste to see if that helps , but i have no lock ups as regards to the temps , tried super pi 32mb and my time was 7mins 30 secs approx anyway any tips would be greatly appreciated . Cheers.
  3. Same prob with mine , you are getting that message about tessellation when you disable it in the control panel , you have to put it on application settings , makes a bit difference though , with tessellation disabled i get 8586 , with it on 7759 , so makes a big difference.
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