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  1. So, if Arbystrider can provide solutions or methods to make my gtx550ti or gtx760 to work with my internal laptop display (Asus A42jv) trough Exp Gdc Beast, I will really appreciate it very much.....
  2. Ahhh. It's ok. Thanks a lot Mr_Western for this info. I am very grateful to you to do this research for sake to help me.
  3. Oh, I have one msi gtx 760 oc gaming. Is that card can be use to display from my laptop screen? Right now the card (gtx760) is in my main pc system. Update: I put gtx760 to replace the gtx550ti, and still cannot view via laptop display. Any suggestions anyone? Thanks.
  4. Oh, that is right. My laptop doesn't support Nvidia Optimus. So, had to go with external monitor setup. Thanks for the reply Mr_Western, really appreciate your help all this time.
  5. Yes, the dGpu disabled completely. The gtx550ti works well via external monitor, but I want to use laptop display as primary display. Any suggestions? Thanks Mr_Western for the reply.
  6. Thanks Mr_Western for the reply, here is my laptop specs: Asus A42Jv Intel i5 450M 2.4Ghz 8Gb ddr3 ram Kingston 120GB Kinsgton SSDnow Intel HD Graphics (1st Gpu) Nvidia GT 335M (Secondary Gpu) Link : http://www.laptopspec.net/2010/05/asus-a42jv-vx040d-14-inch-laptop-with-core-i5-450m-geforce-gt-335m/ UPDATE1: UPDATE2: Now my laptop can sleep and the dedicated gpu (gt335M) disabled completely. Right now I just want my laptop display to use the external gpu (gtx550ti). Does anyone can suggest how to do this. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks @Mr_Western fot the reply. The thing is my laptop cannot go sleep state after I remove the dedicated gpu (GT335M) drivers . For the laptop to sleep it require to install the gt335m drivers which is contradict with the EXP GDC installation procedure. I've already search how to put my laptop to sleep but it's not avail if I still not install gt335m drivers. The option left just the hibernate function which is still stuck at loading windows logo when waking up from hibernate. Thanks for the reply. UPDATE1: As I follow Mr_Western instructions, I reinstalled my gt335m drivers and now my laptop able to sleep. And I do as Mr_Western instructed and my system detected the gtx 550ti. Installed the drivers, and the reboot, and still stuck at windows loading logo. UPDATE2: After several trial and error, I successfully installed gtx 550 ti and make it work, somehow. But it has to be connected to external monitor. One more thing, after I restart my laptop, the whole display drivers was a mess. It cannot detect both of my gt335m and gtx 550ti. And there is exclamation mark on PCI Express root hub.
  8. Hi everyone. I need your help on my EXP GDC Beast V8.4d. My egpu arrive yesterday and I try it out but seems like it not working because it stuck at windows loading screen (Windows 7 64bit). It stuck when the four color dot try to combine. Before I setup my egpu, I've already uninstall my nvidia gt335m drivers by using DDU software. So just leaving my Intel HD graphic display only. My laptop Asus A42jv My gpu that I want to install as external gpu GTX550ti I use both Dell power brick 220w adapter and 550w atx power supply. Both of them give the same result. Please anyone help me to solve this. Thanks in advance.
  9. I already ordered V8.0 Exp Gdc Beast and I want to paired with Asus GTX 550 Ti and use Asus A42Jv Notebook. Please recommend which power input should I choose eg Dell D220 200w power brick or a normal PSU. Sorry for my bad English. Thanks again for answering my question. Thumbs up.
  10. Hi everyone. May I know what is the function of 12v Dc Power In for Exp Gdc Beast 8.0. I try searching around and I couldn't find definite answer. Is it possible to put a normal 12v laptop power brick to this interface without put a Pc PSU? Hope anyone can answer my question. Thanks in advance.
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