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  1. your laptop should have Intel and AMD gfx and if AMD is the problem, try and boot into safe mode and disable the AMD card in device manager else, you'll just have to remove the AMD card and run it solely on the Intel integrated graphics. That would be much easier if your just going to use it to browse the web with it. If the Intel gfx is the problem see if you can disable it in the BIOS, else you'll need to get a replacement CPU. You haven't actually stated which drivers cause the issue between Intel or AMD so, I've assumed it's been the fault of the AMD card for most of the posting btw
  2. It does sound like a hardware issue and yes, you can change the gfx card. Though, you will need to find out what slot your laptop has. If it has the MXM 3b it will be much easier for you to get a new gfx card as that has been the industry standard for quite a few years now. If not then, see if you can find a list cards made to fit the slot your laptop uses on Wiki or something and see if you can buy one second hand. Also, Linux is pretty straight forward it's has a desktop, start menu with programs, web browser, no mandatory updates and forceful reboots from Microsoft. It's pretty simple as long as you don't use Arch or Gentoo tbh.
  3. Hi, 1. Can you try manually updating the intel/amd drivers to ensure the correct drivers are being installed for your hardware? 2. If that doesn't solve the issue then, can you then go on to HP support site and check to see if there's any BIOS updates and if there are any updates, install them and try again... 3. if it still doesn't work then HP have modified the drivers so you will need to get the latest driver from there and they're probably going to be for Windows 7. Even though you're on Win 10 install them anyway then update to the most recent drivers for Win 10. 4. OK if things still aren't working I can only advise going back to Windows 7 (easy if you have a recovery disc or partition) or even better, ditch Windows and install Linux. Linux, in general, has a much smaller footprint so everything should be feel snappier, Linux is great for breathing life into old systems. If your not Linux savy then use "Linux Mint" is highly user friendly but, if you are kind of technical and like to tinker the try Manjaro (with LXDE desktop for speed). Manjaro has access to the latest and greatest features but still goes through moderate testing to ensure everything work. In fact, skip to 4 and ditch Windows.
  4. China! You may be able to find a wholesale site that you trust to deliver but, personally my friends brother goes on business to China and they pass through Shenzhen (Shenzhen is the silicon valley of the east and it's wear 90% of electronics are assembled, though chips get made in Taiwan), they were able to acquire me an A10 APU for my old laptop back in the day for a very modest price as well (£35). If you can luck out and a friend of friend you know goes over there, getting them to pick YXZ GPU shouldn't be a problem and I'm certain the price will be very good.
  5. I had a Huawei P6 as a work phone for my years due to it's annoyingly loud alarm and ringtone. It was very snapy and responsive my needs and was able to survive quite a few drops, more drops than an Iphone could survive.
  6. I'm trying to mod my Clevo P15SM-A - GTX 870m 6GB using the vbios Klem made for Erik's Clevo but, the link is unavailable. Please can someone let me know where would I be able to get this vbios?
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