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  1. Hi, The rx480 worked fine, no problems with it, but i sold it and bought a gtx 1070ti (more power). To answear your questions:- No. the internal screen is not an opcion with amd card, only with external monitor. -No. I traveld a lot with this setup, its easy to use. You just have to disconnect the adapter and u r ready to go. But you have to double swich it on if u just disconnected or connected the egpu. Thats all. -games where smooth
  2. hi i just wanted to let you know guys that I've just fleshed the new 3.08 moded bios proved by: @High_Voltage I'm using it with an AMD Sapphire RX480 Nitro+ and its more stable then before. With bios 2.07 i sometimes had greeenscreen/blackscreen while playing games like: overwatch, PUBG and had to hardreset it because it stoped reponding. But now its gone thanks to you guys. Ps: i had problem (DOS memory buffer 2 allocate failed) while fleshing the EC with freedos so i downloaded Rufus 1.1.7 and made a portable MSDOS on win7 (win10 doesent support this option just freedos) after that everything went fine :))
  3. In everyones name i just would like to thank you guys
  4. Can this program fix the internal screen problem? diy-egpu-setup-1-30 i dont have the adapter yet to try it but it can be a solution. Someone tryd it?
  5. @rusTORK that would be great thx
  6. Dear Robert, i would like to buy it. Do you Still have it and Can you ship it to hungary?
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