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  1. The only thing found in the changelog from v3.05 to v3.08 is: I think the change is to small/unimportant for de devs to mod the bios. I can provide the source files/backup if someone wants to mod V3.08...
  2. PhAnt0mFS

    1st Build

    Why not go for a semi-modular power supply? Good for air-flow and no need to hide unused cables.
  3. PhAnt0mFS

    Y510P SSD Slot

    I have the same SSD.. Works like a charm!
  4. I'm looking at the changelog between v3.05 and V3.08 and the only thing I can find is: Is it worth to mod the v3.08 or just go with v3.05?
  5. Hi There!. I Found TI by svl7 Lenovo's Y500 bios mod. Already installed an NGFF-SSD and now I'm looking for a new wifi-AC card.
  6. PhAnt0mFS

    HP Drawing Department fail

    Has anyone noticed how terrible HP is with drawing hands. But if there is one strange drawing.. maybe there is more! Anyone found more?
  7. PhAnt0mFS

    Instagram video download

    I've been using Video Downloader for Instagram. Done about 5 video's without any problems. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.popularapp.videodownloaderforinstagram&hl=nl

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