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  1. Awesome! Would you mind sharing a copy? The one on here is awesome and helped me tremendously with my stuttering. Trying to get even more out of my card as it starts to PWR throttle at anything above 1116 at 1.000 even though I have a 240 watt power supply.
  2. Klem, Do you know of a vBIOS with a .950 voltage at default?
  3. Thanks again Klem. This vBIOS works much better! No more stutter at stock clocks. The voltage is set at 1.000 which seems to have helped the throttling due to power. Do you have a vBIOS that is set to an even lower voltage at default? I would like to overclock my card but anything over 1116 on the core causes intermittent stuttering due to power. I have a 240 watt power supply so that shouldn't be the case. Seems like my card is very sensitive to voltage but still has some room to stretch. Any suggestions are much appreciated.
  4. Thanks Klem. I still cant download the vBIOS file. Any suggestions?
  5. Thanks for the response. Will the vBIOS on the first page work for my computer? I would like to try another version as Prema doesn't seem to be around to ask for assistance.
  6. Is there a 980m vBIOS for a Sager NP8268-s that allows for undervolting the GPU? I am getting major stutters during gameplay at stock clocks using Premas vBIOS v2 and I cannot drop the voltage to compensate. Any suggestions?
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