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  1. I just swapped in one of ADATA's brand new line of 3D-Vertical SSD's the "Ultimate" line, 128GB + the original 32GB MSATA. It works for now and it's speedy and I love it. It reduced the overall operating temperatures in my M14X R2 so much that now the CPU never throttles anymore, and the GPU isn't throttling either. I gained roughly +30% performance in games just because the cpu and gpu aren't thermal throttling anymore. I also gained about +48 minutes battery time while in 2D / basic windows mode (browsing the internet and chatting on instant messengers and forums and emails.) So you M14X R2 users.. swap your mech drive out for a SSD. It's seriously the best thing you can ever do to these laptops. They run like a dream without a hot mech drive in em.
  2. So.. this connects to the motherboard via SATA obviously.. So does this mean if we use this setup that we could then use... MSATA + Original sata hard drive + hard drive in a CADDY = RAID-5 via the onboard Intel Matrix RAID on the M14x R2 ? Can anyone confirm or deny this is possible?
  3. One thing I wanted to note to you about the fans and connecting multiple together. Those Aerocool fan controllers specifically state maximum wattage per channel is 25 watts. Depending on the fans you use, you could exceed that with just 2 fans connected together. Make sure you carefully look at the wattage for the fans and add it up (Additive) together to make sure you don't burn out the ports on the fan controller (It is possible and is a risk).
  4. Nope.. sticking with my R9 290X and considering buying a second one. AMD Doesn't offer a 8GB GPU that's faster than my sapphire vapor-x 290X yet. And nvidia 8GB cards are more than twice the price of a used 290X 8GB card. So not really a lot of choice there lately.
  5. If you've never built a custom PC yourself.. it can be really daunting. You might be better off just selecting a custom build from iBuyPower and going with that. At least you get customer support you can call and a warranty on the build it's self (not just the manufacturer's warranties on the parts).
  6. By the way don't listen to all the hype. Enjoying my LG 26" 1080p IPS display here. A -GOOD- IPS display from samsung or LG will be great. Mine's beautiful and only does 1080p @ 60 htz and I love it. I got it last summer and it's the most beautiful screen I've seen or experienced.. considering buying another two some time next year in 2017. Nothing "blurry" nothing wrong at all. It's just beautiful and nothing negative. Also by the way: lower latency (5ms or below) IPS panels are indeed designed for gaming.. that's pretty much the only use-case for low-latency displays.
  7. Do you have a full pc-part picker URL please for us to look at? Also you need to split your ram down.. if you're going for just 8GB, at least go for 2x4GB instead so you can activate dual channel mode. You would be robbing the poor CPU of half it's ram performance.
  8. 4.8 ghz stock TIM under the IHS, custom water loop, 1.475v (reports 1.456v - 1.65v in cpu-z) 24-7 stable. Runs around 84c - 87c under load. average temps mid-70's during gaming. Which BTW is 100% fine and normal. TJCMAX is 105c for these chips, and most 3770k's with stock intel cooler will run at 105c and throttle constantly all day long with no issues. Been running 24-7 at these settings since summer 2012. Typical gaming temps (Tweaked bus speed a little here):
  9. Sorry to tell you but most (not all.. but most) GTX 7xx series cards are hard voltage locked and can not be raised either via custom bios or software beyond a certain point. Some video cards like Asus cards, and the EVGA 780 Ti Kingpin edition shipped with unlocked bios's for overclocking. But About 99% of the mid-range 770 cards are all volt locked. Even if you do manage to some how raise voltage.. you will still only see 1.212v in gpu-z. The only way to know if the voltage really increased is through monitoring it on the card with a volt meter.. and the sure fire way to raise voltage is of course to "hard mod" it with soldering things to the PCB and changing it yourself directly... there's guides out there.. search for something like "GTX 770 volt mod" in google (without quotes).
  10. Here you go, beginner's guide to overclocking video cards: http://www.overclock.net/t/1374499/how-to-overclock-your-nvidia-amd-ati-graphics-card-a-beginners-guide
  11. Now for further tweaking... if you want overclocking tips... One of the things to do is under Ai Tweaker in bios, make sure Load-Line Calibration is switched from Auto Enabled. This will make the board control vdroop directly, and prevent your cpu's voltage from fluctuating between load/idle. For greater stability. In my x58 system I didn't touch anything but cpu voltage and left the rest on Auto. Although my chip needs up like 1.55v for 4.4 ghz.. not a good clocker. But it does do it.
  12. You need to find the setting for your system but what you're looking for is two things. Disable Intel SpeedStep, and more importantly "C1E" is what handles thermal throttling in x58 systems. It may be under power management section of your bios. I went ahead and downloaded the manual for your motherboard, here I'll post some tips for x58 / 1366 overclocking. First things, some of the settings: I'm assuming you mean the Asus P6T, which is what I'm going for. In bios: Ai Tweaker Menu -> Intel SpeedStep tech -> Disabled, Turbo mode -> Enabled. This will disable any and all clock adjustments under load and run max speed always. Judging by your temps it sounds like you have adequate cooling to handle this. Next you want to go to Advanced menu (top of the screen) -> CPU Configuration -> This is where it controls throttling due to tempatures. C1E support: Disabled Speedstep: Disable here too (if it isn't already from you switching it off under Ai Tweaker) Turbo mode: Enable (here) C-State Tech: Disable. That should get your throttling under load disabled. Here's my x58 system in the other room, custom water loop. 4.4 ghz stable, clock never changes in windows. And never throttles under load either.
  13. Unfortunately that is a very old video card. I don't think there is any possible way to overclock it or "Unlock" it. However, I actually own one of your motherboards. The version I have has lots of overclocking options in the bios. I've taken a Core2duo chip (I forget the model #) from 2.4 ghz to 3.6 ghz with it easy. Using custom water cooling though. It definitely has a bit of basic overclocking tools in bios. You just need to learn about overclocking, go read the bios and go do it.
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