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  1. Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately the TV is not listed. This morning it began working however. It was glorious. Steps I took after my post was simply reinstalling the Intel(R) HD 3000 Graphics drivers with my eGPU disconnected. I then found the following order of operation allows me to utilize the eGPU but this is not my first choice. If there is an alternate way to make this function more elegantly I would love to here about it. 1) Turn Laptop off 2) Place both switches at 1 3) Turn PSU on 4) Insert ExpressCard Adapter 5) Turn PC on Note: At this point the eGPU spins up and then spins down, the TV acts like it received a signal but failed and displays "No Signal". Laptop cycles and boots using the Intel drivers and the internal display. 6) Insert HDMI Cable into the eGPU - Signal is broadcast to TV, sound and all. Glorious. Dxdiag reports that I am running through the Radeon and my FPS in game jumps from 24 to 60+ with greater detail. I would love to have a more elegant solution other than booting with ExpressCard inserted. What I would prefer is being able to insert the ExpressCard Post boot and utilize the external display. I believe this has something to do with initializing the device. When I boot without the ExpressCard adapter inserted and insert it post boot the Display Adapter does not show in the Device Manager. I understand this is a jakey setup anyway but I don't think it has be, it's a very impressive feat. If anyone has questions about this particular setup on the Thinkpad T420, I will do my best to answer them with my limited knowledge. This is a great a forum by the way.
  2. Problem description 1. What's the problem? I have hooked up my eGPU through the ExpressCard Slot. I have installed all drivers. Under Device Manager it shows my eGPU. Sometimes it will show up with an error 12 but most of the time it does not. When I plug in the HDMI port to my TV, my TV acts like to it received a signal and fails displaying no signal. 2. Have you consulted the Troubleshooting FAQ to resolve the issue? I believe I have delved into it thoroughly but nothing has worked. Thank you for getting me this far, I have been at this for days. 3. Have you consulted the Pre-Purchase FAQ --> "2. How can I check if my notebook is compatible with an eGPU?" Yes, I have also seen many videos and posts of people using my exact same laptop with wonderful success. Platform Description Lenovo ThinkPad T420 Windows 7 64bit SP1 8gb Ram XFX Radeon HD 6870 EVGA 400W PSU [+12V Max Current = 30 Amps] PE4C-EC060A V3.0 ( eGPU PCIe x16 interface for ExpressCard) Notes There are two-3 position switches located on the board. I have them set at their default 1 and 1. The legend on the board notes this: SW1 - PERST# Delay - 1 | Disable - 2 | 9.8 seconds - 3 | 14.8 seconds SW2 - CLK Delay - 1 | Disable - 2 | 11.97 seconds - 3 | 16.9 seconds I have tried these in every possible combination. Any help resolving these issues would be greatly appreciated.
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