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  1. That's a great news! I will wait till 10.12.2 to see if it fixes RX480's power draw. If not then I will get a RX460 and leave the RX480 for a future PC. Thanks man! Update: just updated to 10.12.2, still crash under load... also found my mac boot with HDMI plugged in egpu without problem. RX460 on the way
  2. @Hedge Did you make any modification to increase power supply to PCIe slot?
  3. @FricoRico But I saw this post said the Akitio box PCIe slot can deliver 75w with a bigger power supply. Just tried soldering...didn't work out...I guess I will just wait till 10.12.2 or get a powered riser...
  4. @FricoRico I haven't done anything particular with the power issue... gpu and the akitio case are powered by a Dell DA-2 with a modified cable. Is a powered riser required to solve the power issue, even with 10.12.2?
  5. @FricoRico hope we can get a official 10.12.2 soon (don't like to use Beta version OS). My is working but it crashes when under load. BTW is it possible to use 10.12.2's updated kext file in 10.12.1?
  6. It appears that I finally got the acceleration working on my MSI Gaming X RX 480 4GB. Wasn't sure what helped exactly as I was messing around and trying every method I could find online.... My current setting: Mac mini 2012, Akitio TB2, MSI RX 480, Dell DA-2 Following are some of the things I did before my last restart, they may not be execute in this particular order since I already run some of them prior to this restart: disable SIP update AMDRadeonX4100.kext with RX 480's ID update AMDRadeonX4000.kext with RX 480's ID (in the Baffin section where there's pretty much empty...there's a good chance that this won't help but I just list it here..) update 9500 controller with iHEX so the name displays properly (see this guide here: https://www.theitsage.com/install-radeon-rx-480-gpu-macos-sierra/) fix kext permission with kext utility clear(or rebuild) kext cache (tons of error message came out...didn't bother to read all of them...) run the PlistBuddy codes in this thread posted by Hedge under Kext Mods section: run Goalque’s AMAZING automated-egpu script in -a mode restart with eGPU plugged in and HDMI plugged in eGPU And viola! RX 480 is working
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